About Bucks

Bucks County can attribute its name to the shire in which William Penn was born - Buckingham, England. Much of the beauty of the countryside still prevails in rolling hills, farmland, and narrow, winding streams. 

Now home to more than 621,000 people, Bucks County maintains the integrity of its lively past by protecting its historic resources. Today, the past, present, and future blend beautifully throughout the County's 608 square miles filled with an array of parks, quality housing, cultural and recreational facilities, quaint boutiques, modern shopping malls, industrial complexes, and much, much more.

Located strategically in the Northeast Corridor, Bucks County is accessible to nearly every kind of transportation network available, with Philadelphia as its nucleus. (New York City is only 75 miles; Baltimore, 120 miles; Washington DC, 158 miles; and Boston, 288 miles.) One third of the nation's population resides within a one-day drive of Bucks County, making it a prime location for the transport of goods and services not only throughout the Eastern Seaboard, but also throughout the world.