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PECO Has New, Increased Financial Incentives for Commercial and Industrial Projects

PECO is offering new, increased financial incentives for several energy efficiency upgrades, effective immediately. These higher incentive levels make improving energy efficiency even more affordable and will help you to implement more upgrades. 

High-efficiency equipment can expand profit margins while offering improvements in customer retention, worker comfort, facility attractiveness and performance. LEDs provide brighter illumination through fewer total fixtures. LEDs typically use 25–80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and can last up to 25 times longer, saving on maintenance and operating costs.

Increased incentives are available for several LED lighting measures including interior and exterior lamps and fixtures, parking garage fixtures and retrofit kits, exit signs, and outdoor flood lights and wall mount fixtures. In addition to increasing incentives for more common, existing lighting measures, there are new opportunities for savings with 3-foot and 8-foot LED replacement lamps. 

Enhanced incentives are also available for variable frequency drives (VFDs) on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Just a few examples are in the chart below.

 Measure Previous Incentive NEW Incentive 
4" LED Linear Lamps $4/Lamp $6/Lamp
LED Outdoor Floods  $10-$15/Fixture $15-$25/Fixture
LED Troffers $10-$15/Fixture $15-$25/Fixture
HVAC VFDs $25/HP $50/HP
Pump VFDs  $25/HP $50/HP

View all of the new incentives by visiting the PECO New Incentives site. 

Business owners interested in unlocking the energy efficiency potential within their properties or facilities should contact PECO at 1-844-4BIZ-SAVE (1-844-424-9728) or visit peco.com/biz.