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Puro-tec Property Restoration

A Q & A with Julie Ferris, Office Manager from Puro-Tec Property Restoration.

Q:  Describe your business.

PURO-TEC Property Restoration is a full-service restoration contractor. In our work, we complete disaster recovery services, re-construction, professional, specialized cleaning, and new construction/remodeling through working with policy holders, insurance companies, and property owners. Our company provides emergency services that have been caused by water, fire, smoke, or wind. We are a small business operating out of Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

Q:  How or why did you begin the business?

PURO-TEC Property Restoration began opened its doors in 2006 to help the community in their time of need. Through 24/7 responses to emergency services and operating every day, PURO-TEC was able to grow into the business that it is today. By always providing the greatest attention to detail, prioritizing customer satisfaction, and completing high-quality work, our business was able to gain a positive reputation with our clients. We were then able to expand our network and are now an approved vendor for most major insurance companies.

Q:  Why did you choose the location of your business?

We chose Bensalem as our location because it allows us to reach property owners across the tri-state area in a timely manner.  We can easily travel to Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania suburbs, New Jersey, and Delaware. This is particularly important in our field because we, at times, need to respond at the time of an emergency in order to prevent further property damage from occurring.

Q: What are the challenges or advantages of growing a
business in Bucks County?

There are many advantages of growing a business in Bucks County. Location is a particular advantage to our company, as described above. Another advantage is the ease at which new and existing businesses can connect with organizations that help and support fellow businesses. This supportive network of business professionals is invaluable and is so very helpful whether you are just starting a business or are growing a business in Bucks County.

Q: What advice would you give entrepreneurs looking to make the decision to start or expand their business?

Advice we would give to entrepreneurs looking to make the decision to start or expand their business would be to “be prepared.” Be prepared for both the rewarding aspects and the challenging aspects of growing and operating your own business. During tougher times, keep in mind that the positives will outweigh the negatives. It is important to be prepared to be successful, but to also be prepared for the difficult times. In the end, know that staying persistent and focused will help lead you to success. We would also encourage entrepreneurs to get involved in support networks that can help you grow and advance your business.

Q: How did BCEDC help you with your financing plan?

BCEDC helped us with our financing plan by navigating us through the unknowns of purchasing commercial real estate. They helped to guide us through, when it may have been easy to become confused or discouraged. Since receiving help from the BCEDC, specifically Jim Pawlikowski, we have been able to hire a full-time estimator, a full-time project manager, an office assistant, and have the ability to hire more staff to meet the needs of our clients.

Q: What are you going to do next?

PURO-TEC Property Restoration is looking forward to using the momentum and excitement from purchasing our commercial real estate to continue expanding our business and hiring more staff. A future goal is to open a second brick and mortar.

Q: What would you say is your company culture?

The first word that comes to mind when thinking about the company culture at PURO-TEC Property Restoration is “family.” Although we may not be the all-encompassing definition of a “family business,” we have grown together through our professional and personal lives. We support, encourage, and learn from one another through our work together. A positive company culture is such a pertinent aspect of a successful business, and we are lucky to be able to work in the “PURO-TEC Family.”

Q: Are you hiring?


To learn more about PURO-TEC Property Restoration, visit  www.puro-tec.com.