Vincent Hope, Hope Capital Investments

hope capitalSix years ago I worked at Wendy’s. Today my company repositions 1-4 unit residential, small commercial, class C, value add, real estate in the Philadelphia metro area.

Hi, I’m Vincent Hope. I'm a proud native Philadelphian and now residing in gorgeous Perkasie, Bucks County, PA. I’ve developed a company culture at Hope Capital Investments which epitomizes what we call “philly persistence and determination”. That toughness and competitiveness is the foundation of how our drive influences our team to be the best of the best.

Hope Capital Investments finds high net worth individuals wishing to have greater access and control over their investment dollars. Combined with our own capital, we invest in an asset class you can physically see and touch- real estate. With multiple streams of revenue our niche focuses on smaller commercial, and 1-4 unit residential value add real estate which large institutional buyers pass over. Our competitive advantage lays within our relationships to mine deeply discounted real estate and through streamlined operations produce generous, healthy profits to all of our stakeholders. We proudly oversee 5 million dollars’ worth of assets and continually recycle those funds with extreme velocity. All those interested in seeing how contagious our enthusiasm is; you’ll leave our meeting invigorated, with a smile and pumped up to invest and learn about real estate.

Let’s have a conversation about how we can help each other!

Vincent Hope
Hope Capital Investments LLC