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Two Past BCEDC Loan Recipients: IMET Electronics and TJM Electronics Associates Merge

IMET Electronics Corporation merged with TJM Electronics Associates. Both IMET and TJM were acquired by the Logue Family Holding’s Inc. in 2019 and now are together under the TJM Electronics brand to further strengthen its position in the electronics industry.

IMET and TJM have joined forces to provide custom electronics manufacturing to better serve our customers. The combination of TJM’s reputable status as a Preferred Supplier List member for defense contractors and IMET’s strong focus in contract manufacturing and product development for industrial manufacturing gives us the opportunity to expand our capabilities across a multitude of markets creating an even greater value to our customers.

With this merger, TJM Electronics has expanded its manufacturing capabilities and design expertise by adding state-of-the-art, fully automated assembly lines and 3D optical inspection systems as well as additional staff including electrical engineers.

The new TJM Electronics brand expands its capabilities to include contract manufacturing, industrial design, mechanical design, custom PCB assembly, prototyping, and electronics engineering. Through our brand, TemitroniK, we also manufacture LED boards of any shape and size up to 460mm (18.11") wide and 1200 mm (47.24") long.

This merger adds a third independent company to the Logue Family Holding’s portfolio, which include ThermOmegaTech, a leader in the design and manufacturing of self-actuating temperature control valves, and BBQ Guru, a manufacturer of temperature control devices such as the DigiQ and CyberQ, as well as Monolith grills and accessories for low and slow cooking. All three companies share a passion for providing our customers with exceptional service and a strong focus on quality and on-time delivery.

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