Trifecta Sporting Club in Bensalem Township, Bucks County

A soccer facility located in Bensalem, PA has new owners, who will oversee a major facelift of the facility in the upcoming months.

The United German Hungarians (GH) Soccer Club, steeped in German culture, has a long-standing and celebrated history in the world of soccer. Almost everyone in the “Who’s Who” of Pennsylvania and National Soccer History have all played at or had some involvement on the GH’s fields and stadium. The rich history of GH’s property is the foundation that ensures future generations the opportunity to participate in soccer and other sports at the complex.

New owners have taken over the property. Now called Trifecta Sporting Club, the facility will continue as a soccer-based multi-sport training facility. Fields are open to the public for training, club and tournament rental use. All varieties of sports clubs will have access to the Trifecta’s world class multi-sports training facility. Trifecta is committed to supporting youth and adult athletes, working to nurture their development both on and off the athletic field. Trifecta’s goal is not only to support athlete’s sports performance, but also to nurture good citizenship. 

“As a retired businessman and lifelong resident of Bensalem Township, I’m delighted the Trifecta Sports Organization is working towards injecting new life into the former United German Hungarian Club,” said Mayor DiGirolamo. “The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in our community,” said the Mayor. 

In addition to field rental use, the sporting community may make use of Trifecta’s Conditioning and Agility Programs, Sports Nutrition Programs and the Training Center. Additionally, Trifecta will continue to offer the Catering Hall as rental venue that can host a large variety of community events throughout the year. This support from Bucks County Economic Development Corporation (BCEDC) and the Bensalem Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) is instrumental for the renovations that will make the facility an attractive sporting and event location for members of the surrounding community.

Trifecta will continue to serve as the physical home of the United German Hungarians, nurturing the culture and heritage of the German community and the Adult Men’s and Women’s Major Team for future generations.

“BEDC is proud to be part of the financing package that supports the continued operations at the former German Hungarian Soccer Club to Trifecta Sports. Our participation is our commitment to Bensalem Township to support new and existing companies the ability to grow and expand in the township, and in return, create and retain jobs for township residents. As our first project with our new financing program, we will not only help the job creation component but will support youth programs in the Township. The board of BEDC and I are looking forward to more exciting projects.”

Al Gougler, Chairman of BEDC

Trifecta is pleased to welcome another organization, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Soccer Hall of Fame (SEPH) that will use the facility as its home base. SEPH is another organization rich in the history of Philadelphia soccer. SEPH will have a location at Trifecta to display its museum-quality soccer memorabilia. SEPH plans to host soccer-related events in which the Philadelphia soccer community can share in the history of soccer and showcase the “Past, Present & Future of Pennsylvania Soccer”. This opportunity is key for current and future generations of athletes of all ages to understand the impact of soccer values on daily life and culture. Trifecta will continue to encourage its athletes of all ages to make good choices and better their lives and lives of others as a result of the positive interactions and choices associated with the world of sports.

Please feel free to contact the Trifecta Sporting Club at 215.357.9851, 4666 E. Bristol Rd., Feasterville, Pennsylvania.