Meet New Member AKA Trucking

AKA Trucking was founded in October 2014 by husband and wife, Akram Kholbaev and Munira Kholbaeva. The couple had immigrated from Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 2004 to provide better opportunities and education for their three children and had worked ad-hoc jobs such as working at Marshalls factory, customer service associate in supermarkets, and various minimum wage jobs up until the beginning of AKA Trucking, a trucking company specializing in general goods transportation all across United States.

AKA TruckingThe couple both being engineers back in Uzbekistan had a high-level understanding of supply chain management, and utilized their savings to purchase their first truck, 2010 International ProStar and which was solely operated by Akram Kholbaev. AKA Trucking was founded on basic principles of hard work, integrity, and honesty and still applies to this day which has driven the growth of AKA Trucking from one truck to over 10 company-owned equipment and furthermore owner-operated providers. AKA Trucking is proud to join BCEDC as we believe small businesses such as ours are the backbone of our nation and the driver of our future.

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