MFG Day is About Education and Experiences

While MFG DAY is an opportunity for people of all ages and from all walks of life to learn something about manufacturing through first-hand personal experience, the real focus is about providing guidance to students that can help them when it comes time to make career decisions. As the new introductory MFG DAY VIDEO says: “why would students choose manufacturing if they’ve never even been exposed to it?”

We hope that all manufacturers will want to create these kinds of introductory experiences for students, teachers, counselors, parents, and others. Events can be simple – like inviting the family members and friends of your company’s employees to come and learn what those employees do every day. Or they can be expansive – like a whole day in which you welcome students from many different schools as well as your elected officials and the community at large. Big event or small, any way you want to celebrate MFG DAY is great; just don’t forget to register your event on so you can take advantage of all the planning tools and other resources we’ve created especially for registered event hosts.

And if students are in your plans for MFG DAY, don’t forget about the educational resources available in the Resource Center of our website. They will be helpful to the teachers and parents who accompany those students. Are you interested in hosting an event; find out more information by visiting