• St. Mary Offers a New Option to Reduce Risk of Stroke
  • Bucks County Bank Hires a New Employee
  • Fitzpatrick Lentz & Bubba Welcome Karl Kline to the Firm
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Roddy Inc. Represents AMERCO Real Estate Co. (an affiliate entity of U-Haul®) in The Acquisition Of The Bristol Plaza Shopping Center

Roddy Inc., the Bensalem based industrial and commercial real estate brokerage firm, represented AMERCO Real Estate Co. in the acquisition of the 145,000 sq. ft. shopping center situated on 30.70 acres known as Bristol Plaza Shopping Center located at 2603 Durham Rd, Bristol, Bucks County, PA.

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From a SEWN Perspective

Survival strategies come in many different flavors. Just as there are many ways to get into trouble, there are even more ways to get out of it. However, when mired in the middle of a crisis, most organizations don’t have a clear idea of where to turn. Some have a contingency plan for when the power goes out or when the computers get hacked. Unfortunately, very few have a strategy for the day their largest customer calls to say, “We are moving our business elsewhere.” Even worse, once an organization receives the news, it generally institutes stop-gap measures and hopes that the customer changes his mind and stays. While a normal human response, this reaction only delays the inevitable and turns a problem into a crisis.

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Interest Rate Options for the PIDA Loan Program

The rates will be in effect for loan applications received through March 31, 2016.

For Real estate loans financing eligible land and building costs, borrowers will have the following two interest rate options:

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A Look at the Newly-Passed Tax Extender Legislation

Congress has once again extended the “tax extenders,” a varied assortment of more than 50 individual and business tax deductions, tax credits, and other tax-saving laws which have been on the books for years but which technically are temporary because they have a specific end date. This package of tax breaks has repeatedly been temporarily extended for short periods of time (e.g., one or two years), which is why they are referred to as “extenders.”

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Consider Reshoring to Shorten and Secure Your Supply Chain

Supply chain managers are continually looking for ways to improve supply chain performance so their company operates more effectively and profits improve. A strategy that should be considered to achieve this goal is reshoring parts produced overseas or near shoring parts that are made domestically outside of Pennsylvania. Developing supply sources close by can help your company achieve major gains in productivity. Surprisingly other areas of the business can be positively impacted by reshoring parts “home”.

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Pulse Technologies is a Major Player in Upper Bucks

A global company in the advanced technology medical device and contract manufacturing and engineering services industry makes its home in Upper Bucks. Based in Milford Township, Pulse Technologies is a major player in the area’s economy and a global player in the medical device, component and assembly industry.

“What sets us apart is quality, service, technology and commitment,” said Pulse Technologies Director of Global Sales and Marketing Robert Madigan.

Specialized customer service is required by the Pulse Technologies’ team because of the niche industry the firm serves – and lives depend upon it. “We offer high levels of quality and our owners and our company have invested in, and embraced, advanced technology,” Madigan said.

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