Shades of Green, Inc. was awarded $400,000 PIDA loan to acquire and renovate a 109,586-square-foot building in Falls Township, approximately five miles from their current location. The building will allow the company to expand its growing green recycling operation and accept more green waste, which is processed into mulch. The facility will also allow Shades of Green to accommodate more supplies, inventory and a larger staging area for heavy equipment. Total project cost is projected to $3,250,000, and will create two new jobs and retain nine existing positions.

Jadeite Foods LLC was also awarded an $800,000,  to acquire an existing 13,790-square-foot building in Bensalem Township. An additional $400,000, was awarded for the purchase of new machinery and equipment. This will allow Jadeite Foods to produce higher volumes of tofu products than any other U.S. company east of the Mississippi. Total project cost is projected to be $4,550,000 and will create 24 new jobs.

Pendant Systems Manufacturing was awarded an $1,050,000 to acquire a 35,789 square-foot building in Bensalem Township. The building is adjacent to their current location. The new space will add current warehouse facilities and bulk material warehouse space to support the company’s projected  and future growth. The building is located in an Enterprise Zone. The total project cost is projected to be $ 2,100,000 and will create 6 new jobs.