Griff Unveils New Dry Erase Film-This material can be cut down and attached to make any flat surface a dry erase board.

Griff Decorative Films has created a vinyl that writes on and erases just like a dry erase board. This lightweight material has the glossy finish of a dry erase board, and cleans easily with a wet paper towel or eraser. Offered with an optional permanent or temporary adhesive backing, Dry Erase Film can lay flat and adhere to any level surface to make it rewriteable. Coming in a variety of colors and thicknesses, this material can be cut down to any shape.

Griff customizes each order to suit its customers’ formats and thicknesses: sheets and rolls, thin as paper or thicker. Dry Erase Film can be used to decorate walls, desks, cabinets, refrigerators, etc.

“My daughter has circles of hot-pink Dry Erase Film as polka dots all over her wall, where the bright pop of color really enlarges her room. And on these circles, she writes notes to herself, like: ‘test Monday’ or ‘clean room,’” said Alex Phinn, President of Griff Decorative Films’ parent company, Griff Paper and Film. “Kids put it on their school books, their desks and any other flat surface.”

Griff’s blogs have been covering the topic of Dry Erase Film since September 2014 in anticipation of its launch and have accumulated over 2500 hits so far. Griff’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN, which also have information on this material, continue to be actively viewed.

Griff Paper and Film has been in business since 1977, when it was founded by Alex Phinn Sr. and S. E. Griffith. Currently run by Alex Jr., John, Bob and Todd Phinn, the company now has over 100 employees, with 3 main locations operating out of Fallsington, P.A., with Griff Decorative Films in Lakewood, N.J.

Watch a youtube video about Griff Paper and Film’s Dry Erase Film:

More information is available at: questions on the material or to place an order, please contact Gene Silvestro at 732-367-2166.  For reporters with inquiries, please reach out to Rayna Lewis, Communications Coordinator, at 1-800-872-7549 x107 or .