Greener Days looking to Expand Internationally

The Bucks County International Trade Council (BCITC) strives to provide local businesses with timely educational programs and direct support. Through our seminar series, networking events, newsletters and direct consultative meetings with local businesses, the BCITC provides a valuable service to local companies and individuals looking to expand involvement in international.

BCITC Advisory Committee Conducts Export Case Studies:

The Advisory Committee conducted a case study with a local company seeking to expand internationally.

Greener Days, LLC is located in Yardley, PA manufactures Organic Bug Spray. This product is made from a DEET-free, non-toxic blend of organic plant based essential oils, including citronella, lemongrass and cedar oil that are known for their natural bug repelling properties and safe use. Greener Days is currently launching a new organic product, Eco-Tizer an organic on the go hand and surface cleanser.

Greener Days can be reached at or purchased through QVC.

If your company is interested in seeking qualified professional advice via a case study, please contact Debbie Nowak at or 215-675-8426.


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