Bioplast Manufacturing, L.L.C., Recently Relocated to Bucks County from NJ

Take a rapidly growing injection molding company, getting squeezed like sardines at their previous New Jersey location, and the availability of much larger warehouse space in Bristol, Bucks County, and you have the perfect recipe for relocation! Bioplast Manufacturing is a premier injection molding company that specializes in producing laboratory disposables and plastic ware for the scientific and biotech communities, products such as pipette tips, micro-centrifuge tubes, and fly-vials. Bioplast manufactures laboratory disposables purchased by distributors who deal directly with the end users … the scientists and the researchers who work on the bench with the products. Manufacturing plastics locally for this industry provided Bioplast a major advantage since products as described are often manufactured and shipped in from great distances … the west coast of the United States, South America, Malaysia and China to name a few.

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