BCITC Advisory Committe Conducts Export Case Studies

The Bucks County International Trade Council (BCITC) strives to provide local businesses with timely educational programs and direct support. Through our seminar series, networking events, newsletters, and direct consultative meetings with local businesses, the BCITC provides a valuable service to local companies and individuals looking to expand involvement in international. 

BCITC Advisory Committee Conducts  Export Case Studies:

The Advisory Committee of the Bucks County International Trade Council conducted two case studies with local companies seeking to expand internationally. 

1. Eric and Christopher LLC – Manufacturer of hand screen printed pillows, totes and stretched canvas prints made in Bucks County, PA. Eric Fausnacht and Christopher Kline can be reached at

2. Poppin Products, Inc. – Manufacturer of Baxcess Backpack, a thermal collapsible cooler and backpack in one. Nick Brancifort and Tom Conchado can be reached at
Both companies had the opportunity to present their company and seek advice regarding how to expand to new global markets. If your company is interested in seeking advice via a case study, please contact Debbie Nowak, co-chair at
or 215-675-8426.


The BCITC is actively seeking new members who are interested in participating in our events and offering their experience to assist in the future growth of the council. If you are interested in becoming a new member, or renewing a previous membership, please email Debbie Nowak at or join us on Linkedin. 

BCITC would like to welcome two new members: Greener Days LLC and Curvebeam, Inc. Check us out on Linkedin. 


Bucks County International Trade Council is
holding their annual wine and cheese GLOBAL networking event this year on June 26, 2014 from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM, at Crossing Vineyards, 1853 Wrightstown Road, Newtown, PA. Please RSVP by June 23rd via email or call 215-675-8426. Cost $25.00.