• TMA Bucks Begins Management of Bucks County Community Traffic Safety Program

  • Kreishcer Miller Recognized as a “Best of the Best” Accounting Firm for 2013 by Inside Public Accounting  Only Accounting Firm in Greater Philadelphia to Be Honored

  • PECO Customers Help Pennsylvania Reach Milestone for Recycling Energy-Guzzling Appliances - Customers recycle more than 35,000 appliances through PECO Smart Appliance Recycling

  • Curtin & Heefner Announce New Website

  • Two FLB Attorneys Recognized Among Bucks County’s “Forty Under 40”

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  • US-based Co-ax Valves inc. Makes Move - Expands in Bristol PA
  • Bristol Commerce Center
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Year-end tax planning 

How to manage taxes for closely held private companies

Many closely held private companies are organized as partnerships or S corporations — pass-through entities with no material tax implications at the organization level. For owners of such businesses, tax planning predominantly focuses on the individual. To properly plan for those taxes, you need to start well before the end of the year, says Michael R. Viens, a director in the Tax Strategies group at Kreischer Miller. 

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Managing Margins

In the world of small business, the ability to implement a price increase or even maintain existing margins on repeat business has never been more difficult. Thanks to digital technology, buyers are able to manipulate the quoting process and get potential suppliers to bid against each other within a matter of seconds. While this is nothing new, it continues to be an ever expanding problem for small businesses. Quite simply, This implied price ceiling means there is even less cash or available employee time to keep up with customer requirements.

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A Regular Feature to Help Your Business Improve Its Profitability

Janet Yellen to Head the Fed

Janet Yellen, affectionately nick-named "She Devil" by Washington and Wall Street, has finally been nominated by the President as Fed Chairman. Her nomination had been in doubt until Lawrence Summers withdrew from consideration. Wall Street gets the Chairman they want—the one with a decade of Fed experience and the one most likely to continue Bernanke’s policies. She spent time in the Fed with the Maestro, Alan Greenspan. She has hopefully learned to deal with a crisis aggressively and to take actions and make statements that are credible, not like the mixed messages we received for the past six months regarding QE tapering. I feel bad for Ben Bernanke; he will not get to finish what he started. When normal recovery finally arrives, She Devil will get the credit. If all goes well, she will take over as Fed Chairman at the beginning of February, 2014.

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Over the River

A Healthcare Marketing Firm Makes the Move to Bucks

In 2011, Toni Donina and Hal Pitkow decided to move their healthcare marketing company, Baldwin Publishing, to Washington Crossing, PA*. 

And they haven’t looked back since. 

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Quakertown Factory to Get a New Advanced Tech Life

At a press conference November 26, Jerry Gorski of Gorski Engineering, Inc. of Collegeville announced he is the owner and developer of an old textile mill in Quakertown Borough. Gorski will re-purpose the former home of the Best Made Silk Hosiery Company, which operated until the mid-1900’s. I have a particular passion for adaptive reuse projects, Gorski said. The ability to breathe new life into a nearly-obsolete facility is extremely rewarding. Following demolition of some newer additions, the finished building, called the Best Made Center, will measure 45,000 SF and will serve as corporate headquarters for at least two Bucks County companies.

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The Who, What, Where, Why and How

Who: Nosco, Inc., a subsidiary of Holden Industries and supplier of pharmaceutical printing and packaging , is a provider of healthcare packaging and serves more than 350 customers, primarily in regulated industries. 

WhatTo establish operations in the Northeast U.S.

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Kreisher Miller Second Annual Survey

Kreischer Miller is conducting its 2nd annual Regional Manufacturing Capability & Outlook Survey and is inviting all local manufacturers to participate. The purposeof the survey is to gather information about the changingstate of manufacturing in our region, the use of new technologies and practices, and the outlook for the industry. Please visit their webpage at for more information and a link to the online survey.

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