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Energy Expert Lonnie Barish Says
Companies Continue to Squander Money on Utility Bills

A Simple Audit Can Save Companies a Small Fortune

As a seasoned project developer and construction manager of real estate development on behalf of several publicly traded institutions and private developers throughout the United States, he has used his passion to save his customers a small fortune. 

Barish faced the constant challenge of finding ways to determine the best available energy saving options for his clients without having to navigate the maze of electricity and natural gas deregulation.

"After energy deregulation, I discovered a tremendous need for a single source to analyze the best available options for saving money on energy bills for my clients," says Barish, an energy broker for New America Power.

Barish helps his clients achieve maximum energy savings by analyzing, negotiating, contracting, and managing critical components of electricity and natural gas supply.

"New America Power has partnered with numerous energy providers, which enables us to receive preferred wholesale pricing and to provide lower rates to our clients," said Barish. "We typically save our clients anywhere from 10 to 30 percent off their current utility bills," he adds.

Barish emphasizes that examining your utility bill and taking advantage of savings is important because it’s a recurring charge. "If you missed a sale and didn’t buy a product, you’d say, ‘next time,’" he says. "But a utility bill arrives every month. And each month that you don’t look at options means you’re allowing money to disappear down the drain."

Barish says the energy evaluation process takes little time, and all it requires is a copy of a potential client’s most recent energy bills. 

"I take the time to understand energy needs and demands of clients because their needs vary," Barish says. "Some are looking for alternative energy suppliers, others for alternative energy sources. I explain the options available to them and offer my experience and knowledge of the industry, and because I try to connect with numerous suppliers who provide a variety of products and pricing, I can customize the approach, which in turn, results in the highest savings for my clients."

Barish notes that while he focuses on larger projects in the business-to-business world, consumers can also have their energy costs audited to find a less expensive supplier. 

His services are offered in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington DC, Texas, Rhode Island, Ohio, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

For more information, contact Lonnie Barish at 267-968-8651, or visit

Upper Bucks County Business Community Continues to Grow

Alison CutryAlison CutryA new member of the Bucks County business community and the Upper Bucks Chamber of Commerce celebrated their Grand Opening on Tuesday, September 10th. Alison Cutry, proprietor and Master Stylist is pleased to announce the official opening of Cuts On The Corner, located at 1301 West Broad street in the heart of the historic district of Quakertown. Cuts On The Corner is a full service Aveda color salon. Alison has been a resident of the area for several years, having moved here from upstate New York in 2008 where she owned a salon for more than 13 years and worked in the industry for more than 20 years. During the past several years Alison has worked as a stylist with salon owners from Center Valley to New York City. She holds certifications from Aveda, Redken, and John Paul Mitchell Systems among others. Please stop by to see the new facility. For appointments or more information call 215.538.5400 or visit 

Bucks County Bank Helps Stuff the Bus

Left to right: Bruce Cattie, Commercial Loan Officer;  Rick Battaglia, Senior Vice President & Chief Retail Division  Officer; Glen Ockenhouse, Credit AnalystLeft to right: Bruce Cattie, Commercial Loan Officer; Rick Battaglia, Senior Vice President & Chief Retail Division Officer; Glen Ockenhouse, Credit AnalystBucks County Bank hosted an internal mini-drive to collect school supplies to help "Stuff the Bus" for the United Way. Bank employees banded together to donate new school supplies, which will be distributed by the United Way to kids in need in Bucks County. Rick Battaglia, SVP of Retail Banking, led the charge, packed his SUV full and delivered the supplies to the Central Bucks United Way office. "This is such a great way to help the kids in our community to succeed in education, and Bucks County Bank was more than happy to contribute to the cause!" Mr. Battaglia said.

For additional information, contact John D. Harding, Chairman, President and CEO at 215-230-7533, ext. 1101. Bucks County Bank offers comprehensive financial products for businesses, professionals and individuals through banking offices located at 200 S. Main Street, Doylestown, 356 York Road, Warminster, 7203 New Falls Road (Five Points), Levittown and 2084 Street Road, Bensalem. The Mortgage Division is located at 16 N. Franklin Street, Suite 115, in Doylestown. 215-230-7533

Changing the Face of the Chamber

The dedicated staff and engaged members of the Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce have been working diligently to reposition the organization and achieve the goals set forth in the most recent strategic plan. A major focus of that plan involves re-positioning the organization to be a driving force of economic development, free enterprise and entrepreneurial thinking. Taking a fresh look at ourselves and making a commitment to embrace change has enabled us to appreciate the opportunities around us.  

First of all, our membership is increasing. The trend has shifted and thanks to the enthusiasm and supportive efforts of the membership, our new member numbers are growing at a pace we have not seen in years. Our fastest growing category this past year was restaurants! This started with the Bucks County Ball, but since then we have been on a mission to engage and create opportunities for our food service providers to use the Chamber for outreach and increased business development.  

Secondly, healthcare was our largest growth in revenue of Chamber membership this past fiscal year, with the automotive industry very close behind. We are extremely pleased and proud to be a part of this major economic driving force and provider of job growth in healthcare, and it is very exciting to be a part of the recovery of the automobile industry.    

The next area that is extremely encouraging is the engagement and growth in our Young Professionals. That group has been meeting regularly for a combination of social/educational activities and getting more involved with the Chamber in general. As a result we are seeing an increase of new members joining forces with us that are beginning new careers and taking the entrepreneurial plunge at an early age.  The feedback is they really value the resources, knowledge, education and networking opportunities they are finding at the Chamber.

Recently, we have also seen minority owned businesses recognizing the Chamber as a resource and joining the Chamber family. We are thrilled to see the growth of diversity among our members and we embrace this trend as we become more representative of the diversity of the business community around us. 

If you are a member of a chamber, get involved immediately, whether on a committee, attending a seminar or networking in one of many focused events. If you are a more seasoned member, look for the new faces and make them feel welcome.  Share your Chamber experience with them and learn about their exciting new perspectives and interesting businesses.

We are all part of the wave of economic recovery. As an individual or a single business it can be a struggle, but through Chamber membership we can all help each other be successful, enlarge our circles of influence and use Chamber connections to make our goals a reality.   

For more information go to 

44 Business Capital Ranks 23

BCEDC Members Rankings for SBA Loan Volume October 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013 from the August 2013 Edition of the Bucks Prospectus should have included the following ranking.

44 Business Capital (listed as Parke Bank) was ranked 23, with 11 loans at an average loan amount of $934,545 and total loan volume of $10,280,000.

Source: Philadelphia District Loan Volume Report Fiscal Year 2013 To Date (10/01/2012 thru 07/30/2013)