Spotlight on Bucks Business

Future Foam is Committed to Bucks County

Future Foam, Inc. strengthens its commitment to retain its workforce in Bucks County by purchasing two properties that they have been leasing the last four years.  The properties are located at are 249 and 259 Canal Rd, Fairless Hills.  The two adjacent buildings are located on 8+ acres with a total square footage of 120,000. The properties are located in an Enterprise Zone in Penn Warner Industrial Park.

Future FoamFuture Foam, Inc., a Nebraska corporation, is headquartered in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The Company is a producer of polyurethane foam used for bedding, foam blocks, carpet cushion, furniture and packaging.

The Company began producing foam in 1958 for the furniture industry in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Today, the Company produces foam, manufactures carpet pad, and cut/fabricates foam for a multitude of customer needs. Future Foam has foam pouring and fabrication plants strategically placed around the US.

Within Bucks County, Fairless Hills, Future Foam, Inc. manufactures rebond carpet cushion and also stores the finished goods and raw materials used in the manufacturing process. Future Foam, Inc. contacted Bucks County Economic Development Corporation (BCEDC) for assistance with financing.  BCEDC helped Future Foam with a Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA) loan. The Company borrowed $1,190,000 from PIDA to purchase the two buildings, total project over 5.1 million dollars.

Future Foam, Inc. employs 34 full time workers, eight are in management positions and 26 are hourly employees. The Company also employees eight temp to hire contract employees who are systematically trained for full time employment.

Not only is Future Foam committed to Bucks County they are also committed to the environment. Future Foam and Nike partner to produce carpet cushion from high quality shoe scrap, where it is refined into StepAhead carpet cushion. This responsible manufacturing process keeps more than 92 million athletic shoes from walking into landfills. StepAhead carpet cushion is available for consumer purchase at Home Depot.

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