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Rebirth of American Manufacturing is Key to Success at Huys Electrodes Inc. of Telford, Pennsylvania

"We are already exporting to China and Thailand," says Barry Clymer, General Manager of Huys Electrodes Inc., "And we hope to double sales again with our new cold header we just bought. We are very appreciative of how the Bucks County Economic Development Corporation helped us to get started in 2011 with one loan, and how they once again supported us with financing for the purchase of our latest and third cold-header in August 2013.  We couldn’t have done it without their help."”  

Huys Electrodes Inc. and its team of Bucks County employees started just over two years ago and is already expanding again at their Telford plant. Parent company, Huys Industries Ltd. is an innovator of welding consumables with a line of patented titanium electrodes for resistance welding. Building on its 30 year track record of growth and success, this  Canadian company chose Bucks County as a base to expand because of the unique skills of its employees here. "Actually, there are only four of five companies in the world that know how to cold-form the range of copper alloys we want to use, and the employees here in Pennsylvania have those skills", said President Nigel Scotchmer. "We need the skilled employees we have found, and we want to expand here". 

With the recent resurgence of the automotive industry, Huys Electrodes’ birth was well placed to take advantage of the increase in new automobile and truck sales.  

The company supplies cold-formed resistance welding electrodes and related consumables used in automotive assembly plants, and with the burgeoning sales today, it seems cars are not going out of fashion anytime soon. Barry noted that Huys Electrodes’ success was only possible through the careful matching of highly skilled employees and new technology. "Some of my employees have been with me for 30 years – only a few companies in the world can do what we can do – and just watch out what we can do over the next few years…and it was Bucks County Economic Development Corporation that was instrumental in launching Huys Electrodes".

Huy Electrodes, Inc. 881 Tech Drive, Telford, PA is a division of Huys Industries.

175 Toryork Dr, Unit 35, Toronto, ON, Canada M9L 1X9,