Strategic Early Warning System (SEWN)

Saving Pennsylvania Jobs One Company At A Time

The Value of An "Outside Perspective"

Managing a business, any business, is a 24/7 proposition. There are never enough hours in the day to handle all of the demands of customers, employees and everyone else.  It is even worse when your business has been forced to reduce headcount, forcing a manager to do even more with fewer resources. With so many balls in the air, sometimes the most valuable assistance can be a knowing outside-in  perspective.

Often the former clients of the Strategic Early Warning Network (SEWN) have commented that it was the guidance from a distance, not the daily interactions, that made a difference in their business’ turnaround performance. A professional, knowledgeable outsider has the advantage of seeing the business as a business, without the emotional investment of an owner or manager.  He or she can highlight the realities of the situation and provide constructive suggestions with a clear view of the business as a whole.

The SEWN program is set up to facilitate that perspective from a distance. Our services are provided free of charge to manufacturing organizations experiencing a difficult situation. SEWN’s only mission is saving PA manufacturing jobs. This freedom and flexibility allows us to provide targeted, confidential turnaround services while staying focused on the big picture.

Occasionally, your business’ best friend maybe an outsider. If your concerns include a financial stress situation and/or a possible workforce reduction, feel free to contact SEWN to see if our outsiders perspective can help improve your company’s outlook. We can be contacted at 215-458-7580 or by email at .