5-part Women’s Small Business Virtual Workshop Series - Part 1

Part 1: Panel Discussion - How to Rebound and Find New Ways to Adjust to The “New Normal”

This five–part virtual workshop series starting with this panel discussion is designed to help you find ways for your small business to adapt to the “New Normal”. Small businesses are finding ways to compete against all odds, as they always do through their abilities to adapt. These virtual workshops will help you to look beyond the current crisis-imposed moment, by adopting future-forward technologies that may seem like a distant priority, but it is precisely what the new normal may require. 

In this panel discussion, we will provide an overview of the 4 strategic topics covered in the four detailed sessions: wellness, business operations/finance, marketing, and diversity.

Featured Panelists:

Wellness - Denise Williams, MHS, MSL
Business operation/finance - Kim Stout, Economic Development Specialist, SBA
Marketing - Jennifer Gardella, PhD
Diversity - Major Ben F. Brooks
Moderator: Adrean Turner

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Event Date October 28, 2020 9:00 am
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