Funding Sources

There are many opportunities for businesses in Bucks County to find the financing they need to meet their goals. Incentives to expand in Bucks County include low-interest loans through the County, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the US Small Business Administration.

Explore Economic Development Loan Programs to learn more about the various sources of job creation or job retention loans, most of which offer fixed, below-market interest rates or longer terms.

Visit the list of Private Lenders in Bucks County to find out more about the many banks and other lenders serving Bucks County.

Some companies may qualify for grants, tax credits or job training funds from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Visit Grants, Tax Credits, Job Training & More to find out more about these programs available through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

If you have a specific question or would like us to recommend a source of financing to suit your company's needs, call us at 215-348-9031.

Projects Funded 2018

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