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Network with the BCEDC!


  • A&A Machinery

    A&A Machinery Moving & Sales • Falls Township

  • A&L Foods

    A&L Foods, Inc. • Bensalem Township

  • Chandler Hall

    Chandler Hall Health Services, Inc. • Newtown Township

  • Eastern Warehouse

    Eastern Warehouse Distributors • Middletown Township

  • Gelest

    Gelest, Inc. • Falls Township

  • George School

    George School • Middletown Township

  • MP Filtri

    MP Filtri, USA • Milford Township

  • Okna Windows

    Okna Windows Corp. • Bristol Township

  • Pulse

    Pulse Technologies • Milford Township

The Mission of the BCEDC

Bucks County Economic Development Corporation (BCEDC) is a non-profit, non-political economic development organization established in 1958 to support economic growth in Bucks County. BCEDC is a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania certified economic development agency. BCEDC offers low cost financing options for land/building, machinery and equipment. These and other incentive programs offered through BCEDC create a strong and vital economy for Bucks County and in return create and retain jobs for Bucks County residents.

BCEDC Is Proudly In Partnership With

Welcome New Members!

Missy Decker, American Breadcrumb Company

Joe Donovan, Genesis Industrial, LLC

Joe Flynn, Signature Systems

Scott Henderson, Nappen & Assoc.

Lukasz Kaniewski, OKNA Windows & Doors Mfg.

Andy Lansman, A&L Foods, Inc.

Chris Lewis, NAI Summit

Mark Mangini, Pulse Technologies

Jeffrey Mordas, MP Filtri USA

John Payne, RD&S

Robert Phinn, Griff Paper & Film

Edward Silverthorn, Evenlite, Inc.


Thank You To Our Sponsors

This project was financed in part by a grant from the Commonwealth of PA, DCED.